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About the Dean

A respected leader in the field of Infectious Diseases with decades of experience in academic medicine, Babak Sayyad, M.D., joined Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences in 2002 and now as the dean of the Medicine Faculty.

Email: babaksayad@kumsa.c.ir

Fax: +988334276477

Phone: +988334274618

The duties:

  • Supervising the implementation of legislation that are notified through the dean of university and pave the way for development of academic talent
  • To coordinate educational and research, administrative, financial and cultural activities of college or university
  • Supervising the implementation of educational and research tasks of the faculty members of the medicine faculty
  • Evaluation and coordination of all activities of the faculty subordinate units
  • The annual budget suggestion of the Medicine Faculty
  • Supervising the performance of Educational and Research Council of the faculty
  • Evaluation of annual performance of the faculty and reporting to the chancellor of university
  • The capability survey of the head of departments and comments about them


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