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General medical regulationsEssential tips(







Thesis and its subject registration time

- Students should choose the subject of their thesis during the stage of internship and before participating in the pre-internship comprehensive exam. Otherwise, they are not allowed to participate in a pre-internship comprehensive exam.

- Students should defense of their thesis in the last semester of their academic year. the student will be expelled if the thesis is not successful in maximum permitted years.

- In the last semester, the student is exempted from observing the maximum permitted units.

-When the student passes all the units, including the thesis, and is accepted in the practical test of clinical qualifications, he/she will be graduated.


Student Leave

After completing a semester, a student can apply for a leave for maximum of 2 in the first and second stages, and 6 consecutive months in the third and fourth stages, that will be count for academic years. Apply for a leave at the first and second stages up to two weeks before the beginning of the registration for each semester and in the third and fourth stages up to two weeks before the start of each section must be submitted in writing by the student.

- Pregnant female students are allowed to leave for two semesters without considering as their academic years.

- In the case of submission a medical certificate, a student may use a semester leave without considering his/her academic years. If someone wish to cancel the studding, this request must be submitted by the student to university education. In this case, only for a maximum of 1 month before the end of that term, the student can withdraw his/her request and the term is considered as a student leave.


Admission courses

The equivalence of the courses that a student has already passed at another level or in another university is depend on:
- the Student must be allowed to participate in a new field.
- The previous university and its certificate must be approved by the Ministry of Science or the Ministry of Health.
- The previous and new fields Educational content must have at least 80% in common, and all the scores must be 12 or higher.
- Equalization of specialty courses at same levels or higher level to lower is possible. -The marks of the accepted courses will be calculated in the total average.
-For each accepted 20 units, one semester of student’s legal education period will be reduced.


General practitioner course

First step: Basic Courses and Basic Science Second step: semiotics and clinical guidelines Third step: Clinical Internship Fourth step: Internship -In the third and fourth stages, each academic year consists of several sections of clinical education and relevant theoretical courses.

Evaluation of Student education growth

-The student's assessment is based on the level of attendance and activity in the classroom, participate in educational activities and the midterm and final exam results, and the professor(s) of each course is the reference of student assessment.

Minimum passing score and minimum of total average

First and second stages: Passing score: 10 Total average of each stage: 12

Third and fourth stages: Passing score: 12 Total average of each stage: 14


comprehensive exams


Basic science
comprehensive exam (at
the end of first stage

Passing 46.5 units of basic
science courses and 8 units
of general courses at least .Get an total average of 12
Allowed duration: up to 3 turns

Pre internship
comprehensive exam (at
the end of third stage)

Passing special theoretical
courses of third stage – passing Clinical Internship and floating theoretical courses ,achieve the total average of 14 from the third stage - register the subject of the thesis Allowed duration: up to 3 times


A student who fails to pass the comprehensive exam in the first four years, or could not complete the first and second stages within the first 5 years will be prevented of continuing education in medicine. Also a student who fails to enter the internship course within 3 years from the beginning of third stage or could not complete the third and fourth stages within 5 years, the student's education period can be renewed for a maximum of up to 12 months with the approval of the university educational council, if education period has not expired.


-If the score of number of courses, at the time of student’s introduction for basic science or preinternship comprehensive exam is not reported, the student will attend the test conditionally. In the case of fail or non-receipt of a minimum of 12, the result of the test is canceled and the test is not considered as one of the allowed times of participating in the test.

Available courses in each semester from the first and second stages

-Minimum of 12 and maximum of 20 units (summer semester maximum of 6 units).
-Maximum of 24 units if the average of at least 17 in the previous semester is reached.
-A maximum of 14 units if the average of at least 12 in the previous semester is not reached (if the educational council agrees, more than 14 units can be obtained).
- In the last semester of each of the first and second stages, the student csn get less than 12.


-Attending all sessions for each course and clinical courses is mandatory and the absence of student is considered as absenteeism.

-Absence Hours should be less than 4/17 of the total hours in theoretical courses, 2/17 for practical and laboratory and 1/17 for the clinical part. Otherwise, the student score in that course or section is considered as zero.
- If the student's absence is justified by the recognition of the educational council, that course will be deleted, else, the score is zero.

Remove and add units

-Student can add or remove a maximum of 2 lessons in each semester from the first and second stages up to 2 weeks after the beginning of the semester. Also can replace 2 lessons with 2 another lessons, Provided that the number of taken units be less than the legal limit.

-absenteeism in the first two weeks of each term due to removal and addition units or for any other reason is not allowed.

- Remove and add the units is not possible in the summer semester.

- Removing all lessons in one semester, up to the beginning of the final exams of that semester is allowed, only if the University Education Council determined that the Student cannot continue studying on that semester. Therefore, that semester is considered a student leave and the university's educational council will decide about take into count that semester as the legal academic years or not

- Removing all lessons in the summer semester is possible up to the beginning of the final exams of that period with the approval of the university's educational council.

- Removal and replacement of sections is only allowed within the specified period and, if approved by the educational council.


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