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Degree Programs

Degree Programs

Our degree programs are designed to meet the specific needs of students with varying levels of experience and prior education, and with career goals focused on either professional practice or research and academia. There is also considerable flexibility within degree programs for students to shape the learning experience to match their own interests and aspirations.

The table below summarizes our degree programs. For detailed information about program requirements and eligibility, please visit our Faculties Websites .Refer to Tuition Fees  for further information.

Before applying, please be sure to check the eligibility and testing requirements specific to the program or field of study you wish to enter, as these may differ from the general information provided on this page.

Degree Major Admissions Time
Subspecialty Cardiac Surgery September-2017
Subspecialty Pediatric Urology September-2017
Subspecialty Pediatric Infectious September-2017
Fellowship* Fertility & Infertility September-2017
Fellowship* Interventional Cardiology September-2017
Fellowship* GI September-2017
Speciality Orthopedics September-2017
Speciality Urology September-2017
Speciality Pathology September-2017
Speciality Dermatology September-2017
Speciality Internal Medicine September-2017
Speciality Infectious Diseases  & Tropical Medicine September-2017
Speciality Cardiovascular Diseases September-2017
Speciality Pediatrics September-2017
Speciality Neurology September-2017
Speciality Anesthesiology September-2017
Speciality Radiotherapy September-2017
Speciality General Surgery September-2017
Speciality Neurosurgery September-2017
Speciality Ophthalmology September-2017
Speciality Radiology September-2017
Speciality Psychiatry September-2017
Speciality Obstetrics & Gynecology September-2017
Speciality Emergency Medicine September-2017
Speciality Otorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery September-2017
Ph.D. Clinical Biochemistry September-2017  January-2017
Ph.D. Complementary & Alternative Medicine September-2017  January-2017
Ph.D. Anatomy September-2017  January-2017
Ph.D. Environmental Health Engineering September-2017  January-2017
Ph.D. Epidemiology September-2017  January-2017
Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Biomaterials September-2017  January-2017
MD Doctor of Medicine September-2017  January-2017
Pharm.D. Pharmacy September-2017  January-2017
D.D.S. Dentistry September-2017  January-2017
MSc Advanced Orthodontics September-2017  January-2017
MSc Epidemiology September-2017  January-2017
MSc Immunology September-2017  January-2017
MSc Biostatistics September-2017  January-2017
MSc Health Education & Health Promotion September-2017  January-2017
MSc Clinical Biochemistry September-2017  January-2017
MSc Medical-Surgical Nursing September-2017  January-2017
MSc Intensive Care Nursing September-2017  January-2017
MSc Psychiatric Nursing September-2017  January-2017
MSc Clinical Psychology September-2017  January-2017
MSc Anatomy September-2017  January-2017
MSc Nutritional Sciences September-2017  January-2017
MSc Food science & Technology (Quality Control) September-2017  January-2017
MSc Medical Physics September-2017  January-2017
MSc Physiology September-2017  January-2017
MSc Counseling in Midwifery September-2017  January-2017
MSc Environmental Health Engineering September-2017  January-2017
MSc Biomedical Engineering (Bioelectric) September-2017  January-2017
MSc Microbiology September-2017  January-2017
MSc Medical Nanotechnology September-2017  January-2017
MSc Medical Biotechnology September-2017  January-2017
BSc Surgical Technologist September-2017  January-2017
BSc Public Health September-2017  January-2017
BSc Nursing September-2017  January-2017
BSc Nuclear Medicine September-2017  January-2017
BSc Radiology September-2017  January-2017
BSc Laboratory Sciences September-2017  January-2017
BSc Nutritional Sciences September-2017  January-2017
BSc Health Information Technology September-2017  January-2017
BSc Midwifery September-2017  January-2017
BSc Occupational Health Engineering September-2017  January-2017
BSc Environmental Health Engineering September-2017  January-2017
BSc Anesthesia September-2017  January-2017
Discontinuous BSc Surgical Technologist September-2017  January-2017
Discontinuous BSc Public Health September-2017  January-2017
Discontinuous BSc Radiology September-2017  January-2017
Discontinuous BSc Laboratory Sciences September-2017  January-2017
Discontinuous BSc Emergency Medicine September-2017  January-2017
Discontinuous BSc Midwifery September-2017  January-2017
Discontinuous BSc Anesthesia September-2017  January-2017
ASc Emergency Medicine September-2017  January-2017

* These courses are just available for International Students