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Teaching interests


Industrial Biotechnology:


Selection and characterisation of industrial microorganisms

Fermentation technology and bioprocessing

Plant cell culture for the production of medicinal compounds

Primary and secondary metabolites

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology:


Natural product drugs

Drug discovery, high throughput screening

Yield optimisation of pharmaceutical-produciing microorganisms

Purification of drug molecules


Agricultural and Environmental Biotechnology:


Molecular detection of environmental microbes

Endophytic and other plant associated microorganisms

Actinomycete, bacterial and fungal inoculants including biocontrol agents

Plant microbe interactions including induced systemic resistance

Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship:




Topic Coordinator:


BTEC2001  Biotechnology: From Bench to Community

BTEC8001  Biobusiness

BTEC9006  Professional Skills in Biotechnology

Topic Lecturer:


BTEC1001  Introduction to Biotechnology

BTEC2001  Biotechnology: From Bench to Community

BTEC3007  Industrial & Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

BTEC8001  Biobusiness

BTEC9002  Molecular Biotechnology

BTEC9006  Professional Skills for Biotechnology

BTEC9008  Industrial & Pharmaceutical Biotechnology GE

MDSC3001  Medical Skills 3


Supervisory interests

  • Actinobacterial discovery
  • Actinobacterial endophytes
  • Bioactive natural products
  • Biocontrol agents
  • Bioprocess technology
  • Industrial microorganisms
  • Microbial diversity
  • Molecular plant cell-based bioprocessing
  • Pharmaceutical biotechnology and natural product drug discovery


RHD research supervision


Principal supervisor : Enhancement of Microlagal production of carotenoids and lipids (1) ; Actinobacterial applications for Drug Discovery (2) ; Endophytic actinobacterIal applications in agriculture (1) ; Molecular Characterisation of Marine Sponges and their Microbial Populations ; Enzyme discovery and characterisation for seaweed processing (1) ; Induction of antibotic production(1) ; 

Associate supervisor : Prebiotic evaluation of seawed and components (1) ; 


Principal supervisor : Actinobacterial endophyte function and ecology (4) ; Optimising Plant Cell culture (6) ; Actinobacterial discovery, taxonomy and application (5) ; Bioprocessing (4) ; Discovery of novel compounds from sea cucumber viscera — Principal (1) ; Actinobacterial endophyte function and ecology (6) ; 




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