Thursday, December 3, 2020 Current Time : 10:25 In Tehran

 Elahe Mahdavian, PhD


Adjunct Professor

Phone: Organizational affiliation:
  Louisiana State University Shreveport(LSUS)
E-mail: Department: Medicinal Chemistry


About me


Dr. Mahdavian has research expertise in synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and lead optimization of flavanoids. Through her M.S. and Ph.D. training, She has obtained extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative analytical, bio-analytical, and cell-based techniques, such as UV-Vis, NMR, HPLC, fluorescence spectroscopy, Immunoblotting, and ELISA. Her current research interests involve drug discovery for targeted cancer therapeutics, with an emphasis on the synthesis, characterization, and QSAR analysis of small bioactive flavanoid molecules, such as fusarochromanone (a fungal metabolite) and its analogs. Her research utilizes structural-based lead optimization with the goal of improving the physiochemical properties of these natural compounds to address some of their limitations in clinical use such as bioavailability, metabolism, and interactions with biological receptors. She also has interest in computeraided drug discovery using SYBYL-Tripos for pathway & target screening of drug candidates and ADMET-Simulation Plus software for optimization of drug pharmacokinetics properties and ADMET predictions.




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