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List of Publications

  1. PET/CT for Pancreatic Malignancy: Potentials & Pitfalls, Jha P, Bijan B, Journal of Nuclear medicine Technology, jnmt.114.145458v1, April 9 2014
  2. Single-Step Transvaginal Aspiration and Drainage for Suspected Pelvic Abscesses Refractory to Antibiotic Therapy., Lee BC, McGahan JP, Bijan B.,  J Ultrasound Med; 21:731 738
  3. Sonographic Detection of In Utero Isolated Cerebellar Hemorrhage, Hiller L, McGahan JP, Bijan B, Melendres G, Towner D.,  J Ultrasound Med; 22:649-652.
  4. Sonographic Duplication Artifact of the Spinal Cord in Infants and Children, Austin M, Gerscovich E, Fogata M, Gillen M, Bijan B, J Ultrasound Med 2004, 23:799-803
  5. Physics Module of Nuclear Physics Training, Radiology Society of North America (RSNA), December 2009, 14-E549. Physics Tutorial for Residents: Top 10 Nuclear Medicine Artifacts With Correction Strategies and 10 High-Yield Points, Javan, R.1; Carroll, J.1; Holt, L.1; Craven, D.1; Bijan, B.2 , 1. Baptist Memorial Hospital, Memphis, TN; 2. University of California Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, CA, AJR Supplement: E549:
  6. Unusual imaging findings in Wilson's disease, Akhan O, Akpinar E, Oto A, Koroglu M, Ozmen MN, Akata D, Bijan B., Eur Radiol. 2002 Dec;12 Suppl 3:S66-9. 2002 Sep 03. , PMID: 12522607
  7. Ultrasound Case of the Day- # 4, McGahan JP, Bijan B, Gillen MA, Dumars MC, Melendres GM, Gorges SW., Radiology (Supplement); Nov 2 (EE): 643.
  8. The Fast Scan for Acute Renal Trauma, Bijan B, McGahan JP, Richards J, et al., Abdominal Radiology Course,
  9. The FAST Scan in Blunt Abdominal, Bijan B, Richards J, Knopf A, et al., Trauma in children. The Society of Pediatric Radiology.
  10. Ultrasound Case of the Day. Radiology (Supplement), McGahan JP, Bijan B, Gillen MA, Dumars MC, Melendres G. , (EE): 643. Nov 2
  11. Ultrasound Case of the Day. Radiology, McGahan JP, Bijan B, Gillen MA, Dumars MC, Melendres GM, Gorges SW, Nov. 2. 2001 (P): 64.
  12. Multilocular cystic nephroma, Bijan B, McGahan JP, Wotton Gorges S.,Online: Ultrasound Cases of the Day, RSNA Web Link
  13. Extralobar pulmonary Sequestration, Melendres G, McGahan JP, Bijan B., Online: Ultrasound Cases of the Day – RSNA, Web Link
  14. Accuracy of MR Imaging in Detecting Endometrial Pathology in Postmenopausal Women, Bijan B, Reinhold C, Ascher SM, Liang L., Radiology (Supplement), Nov 6; Vol 217 (p):276.
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