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 Bijan Bijan


Adjunct Professor

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About me


Dr. Bijan has been affiliated with University of California, Davis for the past 15 years and currently is visiting Clinical Professor (WOS), involved in training of over 100 radiology residents and fellows. He has initiated many clinical projects, mainly involving functional MR Imaging (DWI) and Molecular Imaging (PET/FDG) in oncology. He regularly lectures on the results of his projects at numerous regional, national and international scientific conferences, authoring numerous posters, scientific paper presentations and CME/SAM sessions.

He wrote numerous book chapters including Oncologic PET Imaging chapter in Fundamental of Diagnostic Imaging. He has been invited over 200 times in the past 15 years as lecturing guest professor to many universities and institutions and has given numerous scientific prestigious awards. Dr. Bijan has been serving as an examining member on the American Board of Radiology for the past seven years. He serves on editorial board for numerous national and international scientific journals, including International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging.




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