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Created Date : Tuesday, November 12, 2019  

A 120-Bed Cancer Hospital Will Be Opened in Kermanshah

The head of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences announced the opening of a comprehensive cancer hospital in the province in the future.

In an interview with ISNA, Dr. Mahmoud Reza Moradi mentioned the 60% physical progress in the construction of the comprehensive cancer hospital in the province, stating: this is one of the prioritized projects of the province in the treatment section, and its completion is being pursued vigorously.

He continued: unfortunately, the construction of the hospital is proceeding slowly due to the inability of the contractor to continue the project caused by problems arising from the exchange rate increases. In this regard, it was decided that the contractor would continue to operate at this year's prices with the cooperation of the board of trustees.

Dr. Moradi reminded: this enactment of the board of trustees must be approved by the ministry of health to become a legal matter. If approved, the project will be carried out at an accelerated pace. In the case of acceleration, the project will be exploited within a year. According to the head of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, the initial credit for the construction of this hospital (without equipment) was 14 billion tomans. Meanwhile, with 60% progress in the project, another 18 billion tomans of credit are required to complete the project.

The head of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences mentioned that the hospital has 120 beds, adding: the board of trustees has considered proper equipment for the hospital. He also marked: an old radiotherapy apparatus that has been installed in the hospital. However, two new radiotherapy apparatuses with a value of more than 28 billion tomans (using government foreign exchange price) have been purchased for the hospital with the agreement of the board of trustees.

He added: in addition to these three apparatuses, a very advanced and special radiotherapy apparatus with a value of more than 20 billion tomans has been purchased as the fourth radiotherapy apparatus of the hospital.

Dr. Moradi affirmed: there are only 11 devices similar to our new radiotherapy apparatus in the country, and we were able to bring one of them to Kermanshah with numerous negotiations.

The head of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences also announced following up the purchase of a “Pet Scan” device, especial for cancer treatment, for the hospital, asserting: the tender amount for this device was 35 billion tomans. However, we were forced to cancel the tender due to transportation problems. It is decided to hold another purchasing tender in the next one-two months.

Pointing out that only three similar devices exist in the country, Dr. Moradi added: by purchasing the device, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences will be the fourth university of the country that holds this device, which will definitely improve the polarity of the province in the west of the country.

He also declared: in addition to the mentioned devices, a total of 23 billion tomans has been allocated to purchasing other hospital equipment.


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