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Created Date : Saturday, October 26, 2019  

The Inauguration of Abolfazl Military Hospital


    The Vice-chancellor for Clinical Affairs of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences honored the martyrs of the Islamic revolution during the opening ceremony of Abolfazl Hospital and appreciated the involvement of the military forces in the treatment section.

Mentioning that the health system coverage is more than 95% of the population, Dr. Roshani stated: renovation of 39 thousand hospital beds, adding 1800 special maternity beds and 30 air emergency bases and adding more than 2400 ambulances to the country are among the most important achievements of the health development plan.

He asserted: we have 1900 active beds in the province, 650 of which are in non-academic centers. In addition, more than 20 million people have used hospital care services in the last year.

He added that the number of hospital beds in the province must reach more than 5000 by 2025 and the inauguration of this center will help us to achieve our goals. According to Dr. Roshani, Viana, Rayan and Hakim hospitals in the private sector and 540-bed training hospital are under construction in Kermanshah province.

Dr. Roshani also announced the establishment of Golestan Burn hospital with 50 beds in November 2019.

He also affirmed: the neurointervention ward in Imam Reza Hospital will be soon inaugurated to provide services to patients with neurological disorders.

He also declared: the special wards of the hospital with more than 20 special beds will greatly contribute to treatment of patients in Kermanshah province.



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