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Created Date : Saturday, October 26, 2019  

Inauguration of the first “Burn Hospital” in the West of Iran


    Today marks 10 years of start of construction of a burn hospital in Kermanshah called “Golestan”, which is supposed to provide burn-related services in west of the country.

“Contractor violation” has been the main cause of prolonged construction of the hospital. According to the Chancellor of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, the hospital will be exploited until the end of the next month after firing the contractor and Jihadi work on completion of the project in the past 10 months.

In an interview with ISNA news agency, Dr. Mahmoudreza Moradi pointed out the construction of the burn hospital in Kermanshah as the sole burn hospital in west of the country since 2010, stating: unfortunately, the project contractor performed very poorly on this project and the hospital construction took years.

He continued: the hospital’s construction was ended in 2017, and our evaluations revealed many defects in the construction of the project. Therefore, we negotiated with the contractor for about 1.5 years to resolve the existing problems, which yielded to positive results.

Dr. Moradi also asserted: due to the contractor's refusal to resolve the defects, the contract was eventually terminated in coordination with the prosecutor, and the contractor was fired and the project resumed and completed. He added: we have carried out over 10 months of continuous work to complete the project. Today, 99% of the project has been completed.

According to him, Golestan burn hospital will be exploited until the end of the month. He reminded: All the costs of repairing the hospital defects will also be borne out of the contractor's warranty, and there will certainly be an accurate estimate of the damage and our complaint to the contractor is also open to the courts.

Pointing out the establishment of 50 beds in the hospital, Dr. Moradi affirmed: there are also 12 BICU beds in the hospital.


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