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Created Date : Tuesday, October 1, 2019  

“Three Veterans” in the Field of Medicine Will Be Commemorated in Kermanshah


The president of the Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences announced a commemoration ceremony for “veterans” of Kermanshah in the field of medicine to honor the work of three veterans in the medical field in Kermanshah.

In an interview with IRNA News Agency, Dr. Mahmoud Reza Moradi pointed out the joint cooperation of the cultural and social organization of Kermanshah municipality and medical system with the university in order to hold the event, stating: we believe in the valuable belongings of Kermanshah that must be introduced to the public. In this regard, one of the valuable assets of the region is veterans in the field of medicine; people who have spent their lifetime providing services to the people of the province.

He continued: in this respect, it is decided to appreciate the work of three veterans in the field of medicine, including Dr. Mohsen Emami Aleagha, Dr. Masoom Ali Masoumi, and Dr. Fatah Farokhi.

Dr. Moradi also asserted: “Dr. Emami Aleagha” is a pathologist and a faculty member at Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences and Razi Laboratory with several decades of faithful service in Kermanshah. He added: Dr. Fatah Farokhi is a general surgeon who has provided many services to patients in the province dating back to Iran-Iraq war. This outstanding surgeon has performed several surgeries during the war in various hospitals of the province.

The head of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences marked: Dr. Masoom Ali Masoumi is also a popular face and known as the “goldfinger”, who has performed several surgeries in the cardiovascular field. According to Dr. Moradi, the event will be held on September 26th, 2019 (9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.) in “Electricity Hall” of Kermanshah. In this regard, he added: attendance at the event is open to the public, and we hope that most patients who received services from these three veterans attend the event.

He continued: the veterans were awarded “veteran” and “academic” badges during the ceremony.



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