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Created Date : Tuesday, September 24, 2019  

Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences’ (KUMS) Delegates Paid a Visit to Sulaymaniyah, Iraq (August, 2019)


In accordance with letter No. 1343/135/d of international deputy of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and after attending at the universities’ briefing session in the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, a delegation of KUMS including Dr. Yadollah Bahrami, (Deputy of Global Strategies & International Affairs) Dr. Habib Ahmadi (the representative of the university in Kurdistan Region) traveled to Sulaymaniyah on August 27th, 2019.



On August 28th, a meeting was held between the delegation of KUMS and Dr. Reza Hassan, the Chancellor of the University of Sulaimani, and his accompanying delegation to discuss and evaluate academic collaboration between two respective universities, specifically short-term summer courses for the students of University of Sulaimani in Kermanshah. Finally, consensus was reached on holding a short-term course for some of the nursing students of University of Sulaimani in Kermanshah in the next year. Moreover, the Chancellor of the University of Sulaimani agreed to establish an office in the university campus for the representative of KUMS. On this meeting, Dr. Hassan was officially invited to visit the universities of Kermanshah city.




Meeting with the Chancellor of University of Sulaimani


Afterwards, another meeting was held with Dr. Kosar Mohammad Ali, Dean of School of Medicine, University of Sulaimani, he expressed UOS readiness to transfer medical students to KUMS in order to participate in short-term courses and sabbatical leaves.



Meeting with the Dean of School of Medicine, University of Sulaimani


On the next day, KUMS’s delegates met Professor Salahalddin Ali, the Chancellor of Komar University of Science and Technology (KUST). in order to establish Departments of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry, by assistance and consultation of KUMS . To make this issue happen, an MOU will have been signed between two respective universities.




Chancellor of Komar University of Science and Technology



On the evening of the same day, Mr. Shoushtari, the Consul General and attended the exhibition held by the presence of representatives of other universities, such as Tehran, Urmia, Sanandaj, Islamic Azad University of Tehran, Qom, Iran, Zanjan and Ilam and discussions were held on how to organize exhibitions and ways to promote academic collaborations with Kurdistan Region Universities.. During the meeting, the advancements and capabilities of KUMS in the field of internationalization and challenges of admitting non-Iranian students (e.g., delays in issuing visas by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) were pointed out.


Booth of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences in the Exhibition



The booth of KUMS was one of the most active and popular and viewed booths in the two days of the event, and the Chancellors of Kalar and Human Development Universities, Dr. Sirvan and Professor Marivan respectively, as well as the Chancellor and delegates of KUST, governor of Sulaymaniyah, and Dr. Javan Jalal, Deputy Minister of Higher Education in the region, and Dr. Shanaz Ebrahim Ahmad, the representative of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, visited the booth and were granted logo, booklet, Factbook and catalogues of the university




On the first day of the exhibition, Dr. Bahrami, the representative of KUMS, and representatives of other Iranian universities and the consular team of the Islamic Republic of Iran visited Sulaimaniyah by the invitation of Professor Dr. Hwal Abu Bakr, the Governor of Sulaimaniyah, at the Governor's Office to present the capabilities of Iranian universities. The governor of Sulaimaniyah emphasized the development of educational, research and medical collaborations with the border provinces.



Presenting the Logo of University to Governor of Sulaymaniyah


In addition to introducing the capabilities of the university and familiarization with the new team of the consulate general of Iran in Sulaymaniyah, arrangements were made for signing an MOU with Komar University of Science and Technology and admitting 60 students.

This effective and constructive travel was ended on August 30th, 2019.



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