Saturday, December 7, 2019 Current Time : 17:38 In Tehran
Created Date : Tuesday, July 16, 2019  

Another Success for the University in the Field of Clinical Research


The vice-chancellor for research and technology of the university announced the success of clinical research development units of some hospitals at the national level. According to the publication relations of the university, Farid Najafi (professor) expressed about the ranking of clinical research development units: according to the latest assessment by the ministry of health, the clinical research development unit of Imam Khomeini Hospital was ranked second among the type-2 universities in the country with the cooperation of Mohammad Kermanshahi Hospital. In terms of the rank of Imam Reza Clinical Research Development Unit, Dr. Najafi added: in this ranking, Imam Reza Hospital was ranked fifth in the country. In addition to appreciating the efforts of all colleagues in achieving this success, Dr. Najafi asserted: I congratulate this accomplishment to the chairman of the university, heads of Imam Khomeini, Mohammad Kermanshahi, and Imam Reza hospitals, as well as directors of clinical research development units and researchers of the university.


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