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Created Date : Wednesday, July 3, 2019  

Sleep deprivation causes memory weakness and distraction in the workplace


A research project of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences showed that sleep deprivation could disrupt the physical and psychological basis of the individual and cause cardiovascular problems, lack of attention, weakness of working memory and distraction in the workplace. According to the results of the research project of “meta-analysis of functional changes in the brain due to acute sleep deprivation”, which was carried out by Dr. Habibollah Khazaei in the vice-chancellor for research and technology of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, the activity of some brain areas changed due to sleep deprivation. Given the crucial importance of sleep for health, brain-imaging studies in this research indicated structural and functional changes in some brain areas following sleep deprivation. It should be noted that the results of this study were contradictory in some areas due to the low sample size and heterogeneity of the groups evaluated (because of differences in diagnostic criteria, age, various imaging methods, preprocessing images and analytical methods).


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