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Created Date : Monday, June 10, 2019  

The scientific conference on population, fertility, and sustainable life was held


The scientific conference on population, fertility, and sustainable life was held in the amphitheater of Imam Reza Hospital with the participation of the bureau of social and cultural affairs of the governorate, the vice-chancellor for the health of the university, and the national organization for civil registration. According to the Public Relations Department of the University, Dr. Mahmoud Reza Moradi, head of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, stated on the conference: the slogan of the United Nations (i.e., the healthy human is the axis for sustainable development) is an important principle, and each person is recognized as an asset, counted on as human and social asset through education and planning. The head of the university also affirmed: demographic programs are realized based on national policies and through evaluation, revision, and policy-making. The head of the Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences expressed: various cultural, economic, and social factors affect population policies. In this regard, he added: in the past, the country’s policy and planning involved population reduction, which was correct for its own time. However, with the order of the Supreme Leader, it has been planned to establish policies to increase the fertility rate. Moreover, Dr. Moradi asserted: the ministry of health has put policies such as creating a population balance (1.2 children per family), preventing unwanted pregnancies, decreasing maternal and neonatal mortality, preventing pregnancy at inappropriate ages, preventing the birth of neonates with genetic problems, and observing inter-pregnancy intervals (minimum of three years) on its agenda. He also marked: dynamism, young population, elimination of barriers to marriage, proper maternal facilities, education, entrepreneurship, prevention of emigration to cities, as well as recognition of Iranian-Islamic identity and lifestyle are among the parts of the announcement by the Supreme Leader. The head of the university claimed: some of the barriers included late marriage, tendency to have only one child, late pregnancy, social damages, and neonatal mortality. He also stated: proper training before, during, and after pregnancy will lead to giving birth to healthy infants and protecting maternal health.


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