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Created Date : Sunday, April 28, 2019  

Equipment of Burn Hospital of Kermanshah will be soon exploited




Secretary of medical equipment of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences stated: the burn hospital of Kermanshah, which is the only hospital in the west of Iran, is at the stage of equipment installation and will be exploited in the near future.

According to the IRNA correspondent, Touraj Shirzadian expressed on the press conference held on the occasion of the week of health on Monday: inauguration of this hospital will greatly contribute to the burn services area and will minimize the transfer of burn patients to Tehran and Isfahan. He added: some important treatment wards and centers will be also opened in Kermanshah in 2019, including newly constructed hospital of Paveh, which is currently being equipped and will be exploited in the next few days.

Shirzadian also affirmed: the neurointervention center of Imam Reza Hospital, which is currently being completed, is a unique center in the country in terms of specialized equipment. According to the secretary of medical equipment of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, two new devices will be added to the radiography ward of Imam Reza Hospital, aiming at providing specialized services to cancer patients and significantly reducing the transfer of patients. Shirzadian also mentioned: installation of five CT scan devices in five cities of the province, one angiography CT scan device in Imam Reza Hospital, and several operating rooms and specialized clinics are other measures that will be taken in 2019.

We have no problems with the supply of cardiovascular surgical equipment

Shirzadian announced the presence of eight thousand types of medical products and 200 thousand goods in the country, claiming: from 2500 companies manufacturing medical equipment, there are 1000 domestic and knowledge-based enterprises that meet 30-40% needs of the country. According to Shirzadian, 10 medical device companies are active in Kermanshah Province, some of which are unique. For example, the only manufacturer of emergency disposable splints is in Kermanshah.

Secretary of medical equipment of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences continued: a system has been established to supply medical and pharmaceutical equipment of the province, which has led to proper achievements in terms of fighting against smuggling and deviation of financial resources in the provincial distribution network. This system was particularly effective in times of crisis, such as earthquakes. According to Shirzadian, we have a proper depot in the province regarding imported strategic goods (e.g., cardiovascular equipment such as stent [spring]) and there is no concern in this regard.


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