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Created Date : Sunday, August 19, 2018  

Clinical Observership Program at Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences



   Mr. Abuzar Arjomand Nia, the student of dentistry at Kings College London, undertook his one week elective program at Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences as "Clinical Observership Program". As an ambassador on the behalf of the Dental Institute at Kings College London , he marked his experience at KUMS as satisfactory and beneficial.

   He attended Radiology Noor Clinic to learn the interpretation and uses of panoramic and CBCT imaging. He also visited General Dentistry Valiasr Clinic and observed patients requiring restorative treatments ranging from endodontics to composite buildup. Under the supervision of Dr. Rezaei, he witnessed a wide range of consultations with regards to minor and major surgeries such as implant placement, rhinoplasty and surgical tooth removal of special care patients, as well as jaw surgeries pre or post orthodontics. He also witnessed various stages of implant placement. He attended the operating rooms in Taleqani Hospital under the supervision of our experienced professor Dr. Rezaei to observe him who operated a patient with mandibular parasymphysis fracture. He shadowed Dr. Azizi, a Maxillofacial surgeon, who performed an open rhinoplasty under GA.

   Overall, he learned about a range of treatments offered to meet medical and cosmetic needs, performed by professionals who were some of the best in their fields. At the end of this program, he was delighted to be KUMS and he stated: “Everyone was friendly and willing to teach. I would recommend this program to prospective students for sure”. We hope the elective scheme provide the opportunity for students exchange with universities overseas to introduce our university great potentials and to expand the university mutual international affairs.



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