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Created Date : Friday, February 23, 2018  

Call for Nominations for JIVR Editor-in-Chief



Call for Nominations for JIVR Editor-in-Chief


Since 2008, the Journal of Injury & Violence Research (JIVR) has been a flagship publication in the field of Injury and Violence . JIVR publishes original and significant contributions relating to the field of clinical and basic sciences about trauma, burns, drowning, falls, occupational/road/ sport safety, youth violence, child/elder abuse, child/elder injuries, intimate partner abuse/sexual violence, self-harm, suicide, patient safety, safe communities, consumer safety, disaster management, terrorism, surveillance/burden of injury and all other intentional and unintentional injuries.


We invite nominations for the position of Editor-in-Chief (EiC) for JIVR  for a 1-year term (option for renewal) beginning in the first half of 2018. The EiC’s duties include appointing Editors to serve across the scope of the journal; supervising the operations of the journal with the assistance of the JIVR publications staff; monitoring the quality and timeliness of publications; and leading development to strengthen the journal.


Criteria for the Nominees:

  • Ability and motivation to spend sufficient time on the job;
  • Demonstrated competence in at least one of the disciplines included in the Injury and Violence field of interest;
  • Formal support from the institution for which the nominee works (waived if self-employed);
  • Has served or currently is serving on one of the editorial boards of injury and violence research;
  • Suitable temperament (ability to work at all levels: editorial boards, JIVR staff, volunteers, authors, reviewers, officers, etc.) and judgment;
  • Other desirable qualifications include leadership experience, integrity and ethical standards, organizational and management skills, and a vision for moving the journal to a new level of excellence.

Requirement for Nominations:

  • A brief biography (up to 250 words) of the nominee;
  • A complete CV and list-of-publications of the nominee;
  • A brief statement from the nominator on nominee’s qualification and how the nominee meets the criteria listed above;
  • A letter from nominee’s employer indicating support for the EiC activity;
  • Optionally, a statement (up to 500 words) from the nominee on his/her vision for the journal.

Please email the nomination materials to: Dr. Alireza Ahmadi (


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