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Created Date : Tuesday, August 22, 2017  

Kermanshah Province Unique Potential for Medical Tourism


The consul general of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Sulaimani informed of the noticeable services of Kermanshah Province in implementing medical tourism plan and consequently attracting Iraqi patients due to the patients’ ease of travel and mobility to this province. According to IRNA, in a meeting on Tuesday and by the presence of Qasr-e Shirin governor and health & medical education authorities of Kermanshah Province held in governorate of Qasr-e Shirin, Sadollah Masoudian stated: “The optimal medical facilities in Kermanshah province are much more broader than other neighboring provinces that can be considered as the major factor in admitting patients from Iraq and the success of medical tourism plan”. “Currently, Iran's Consulate in Sulaimani-Iraq has issued one thousand and five hundred Visas for the arrival of Iraqi travelers to I.R. of Iran that one third of which is for medical visits and others for trade and tourism purposes”, he added. He also mentioned that previous contracts with the government of Kurdistan region for the treatment and healthcare sectors were signed, and considering the special geopolitical position of Qasr-e Shirin city, Kurdistan region patients would more likely refer to Abulfazl Al Abbas Hospital in Qasr-e Shirin for medical and treatment purposes. He continued: “dedicating hostel for patients’ relatives with regard to the proper accommodation facilities in Qasr-e-Shirin, mutual cultural affinities and short distance between Kalar and Qasr-e Shirin cities also play a crucial role in attracting Iraqi patients.”


According to Masoudian, these capabilities should be published and distributed in bilingual (Kurdish-Arabic) pamphlets in the Iraqi Kurdistan. In order to fulfill this requirement, the private sectors’ essential role in identifying patients and introducing them to the Qasr-e Shirin and Kermanshah Medical Centers which can not be overlooked. Qasr-e Shirin governor also asserted that health tourism and medical tourism are two major sources of revenue worldwide. Our country with its potential to offer excellent healthcare facilities should take this unique opportunity to attract neighboring countries’ patients.


In comparison to other medical centers, Qasr-e Shirin Hospital is one of the most equipped hospitals in terms of its physical structure and now it consists of five different wards including three operating rooms, ICU & CCU wards and Imaging department in order to offer healthcare services to referrals. He declared that since the implementation of “Health Evolution Plan” several wards including internal, ophthalmology, orthopedic, cardiac, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatric, and dental care services have also been launched at Abulfazl Al-Abbas Hospital. Qasr-e-Shirin governor argued that if the medical tourism plan is approved, more healthcare specialists will cooperate with us. He also added: “the hospital is now equipped with an air ambulance, a two-story building to admit patients and also delivery ward which is ready to provide maternity services to the referrals. In the aforementioned meeting, it was approved to establish a health tourism special committee in Qasr-e Shirin to pursue meetings on health tourism in order to provide patients with facilities, offer private sector services, develop  “Guidance Headquarters of Kurdistan region patients”, and provide part time medical staff to offer specialized healthcare services to the clients.



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