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Created Date : Wednesday, June 28, 2017  

Respiratory Mask: Patented by Mr. Rasoul Kavian Nejad


Mr. Rasoul Kavian Nejad, the faculty member and head of anesthesia department of allied medical sciences school, has successfully patented “Respiratory Mask” in National Patent Organization by registration No. 92449 on June 7, 2017. He asserted that “Respiratory mask" is a tool to make the primary airway safer and more effective in patients with respiratory failure and simultaneously performing suction during ventilation process. His invention focuses on both medical and clinical fields as well as airway management in patients with respiratory failure.

The mask design aims to prevent airflow leakage around the mask during ventilation and improve simultaneous suction with continued ventilation and delivery of oxygen. Safer and more accurate airway management, reduction of around-mask airflow leakage, easy application especially for amateurs and also concurrent removal of secretions with patient's pulmonary ventilation can be regarded as its main advantages. Mr. Kaivan Nejad claimed that this mask can be best used in the hospitals, all clinical wards, pre-hospital emergencies and even bedridden patients suffering from respiratory failures as well as places such as swimming pools and hazardous workplaces.


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