Sunday, May 9, 2021 Current Time : 6:52 In Tehran

Operational objectives:

• Upgrading and standardizing the research processes of the university based on scientific and native experiences based on ethics.

• Promotion of research and technology activities centered on the development plan of the university, province, and country

• Establishing centers for systematic reviews, clinical trials, and evidence-based medical centers in order to provide strong scientific evidence and effectively use their results in health and health policies

• Establishment of a comprehensive university research laboratory and the establishment of a laboratory reserve system for optimal use of available facilities and services to other universities and industrial sectors.

• Structuring and reforming the structure of affiliated research and technology institutions, research institutes, research centers, and institutes, as well as centers for growth and health campus.

• Improvement of intellectual property system of the university in line with the ethical and effective support of commercialization and expansion of knowledge-based companies.

• Negotiation, interaction in the effectiveness of research with other relevant centers and supporting the attraction of investors and benefactors and commercialization by maintaining the intellectual rights of the novel innovations.

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