Thursday, August 6, 2020 Current Time : 20:40 In Tehran

Goals and Outlook

Universities today have an indispensable role in the development of the knowledge, economy and culture of any country that can exploit the model of management in third- and fourth-generation universities, in addition to educating a generation with knowledge and the power of critical thinking while at the same time loyal to the persistent values of society to produce science and technology, as well as the wealth derived from these two. Such universities should prepare their community to find solutions to local, national and transnational problems. Hence, the deputy of research and technology of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, in addition to effective and meaningful partnerships of the country's scientific development, and regarding its geographical and structural advantages, including having the oldest university in the west of the country, the neighboring country with Iraq and the Kurdistan region, has a geographic center in the west of the country for more than 5 million people, more than 500 faculty members, two research institutes and 13 research centers, as well as a health technology development center and 11 knowledge-based companies with more than 700 scientific articles per year, it is going to positioned himself as an international university with a rank of less than 500 among the universities in the world. The exploitation of young and creative student strength along with the use of knowledge and experience of the members of the faculty and administrative support of experts in an effective and sympathetic way, along with the development of various fields of science by launching the required disciplines at different levels are the effective mechanisms in reaching the outlook. Associate with research and technology with management including research affairs, medical information management and central library, student research committee, technology management and growth center along with the Office of Industrial Relations and the Intellectual Property Committee of the University; the deputy strives to fulfill its local, national and transnational missions successfully.

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