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Vice Chancellor for Research & Technology

Vice Chanceller for Research & Technology provides intensive and extensive research, health information and technology through three management units of research development and evaluation, health information development, and medical information and resources in order to promote scientific productivity and generate wealth and knowledge. It supervises and supports research activities of academic members and also manages the research and studies in its research centers. It is responsible for providing opportunities for research, supplying scientific resources, publishing scientific productions and expanding scientific ties with other academic institutions. Macro Policies in research and technology based on the existing documents.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Establishing and developing research centres.
  • Approving of research projects and monitoring their implementations.
  •  Empowering faculty members and researchers.
  • Sending faculty members on sabbatical periods and to congresses abroad.
  •  Authoring books and establishing, developing, and enriching the university’s scientific and academic journals.
  • Encouraging researchers and technologists.
  • Creating and developing small and medium IT companies.
  • Commercializing academic research results.
  • Interacting with industries and providing career opportunities for experts and creative individuals.
  • Providing equipment, expert consultations, and suitable space for technologists and faculty members to organize scientific and technological activities.
  • Absorbing necessary technical knowledge and investments.
  • Approving IT projects
  • Selecting and providing electronic and printed specialized information resources.
  • Training user (faculty members, students and staff) to access information resources more easily.
  • Selective Dissemination of Information services (SDI) for faculty members via emails.
  • Preparing reports related to the university’s scientometrics and scientific productivity in valid databases such as ISI and Scopus.


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