Thursday, April 15, 2021 Current Time : 17:39 In Tehran


Center for social development and health promotion is one of the recognized centers of the country in the field of social determinants of health (SDH) and one of the oldest research centers of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences. This center has carried out studies on social, cultural, and geographical areas related to SDH and health promotion programs by relying on its researchers and faculty members. Providing healthcare solutions through applied research is another goal of the research center. Other activities of this center include organizing local people and attracting their cooperation in health-related activities, which has led to the establishment of a sustainable public participation system for tracking and resolving local problems (local empowerment through participation) and developing and promoting the socialization approach of health management in the community. This center was established during the early 80s and was able to receive substantive agreement from the ministry of health in 2006. In addition, the center managed to achieve a positive and upward trend in the annual evaluations of the ministry of health by publishing research articles in valid scientific journals.


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