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Parsian Hotel Kermanshah is one of the most beautiful hotels in the western part of Iran, which started its activity in February 10 years ago. The five star Parsian Hotel, one of 22 well-equipped and luxurious Parsian Hotel Companies, is located in 9 floors and has 100 rooms and suites with luxury accommodations. The hotel's location in the commercial and administrative center of Kermanshah has provided easy access to the city center, the airport, and other areas and attractions of Kermanshah, such as Taq Bostan and the Parsian Hotel has become one of the best places to stay for travelers in the West. The hotel is equipped with the most modern facilities for serving and serving guests.


The Kermanshah Mission Mission, located in Ferdowsi Square, opened in 1350, and its last reconstruction was carried out in 1397. The building is a two-star hotel in 10 floors and has 60 rooms with well-appointed rooms. The location of the hotel provides easy access to the city center and shopping malls, and is close to Kermanshah's landmarks, including Taq Bostan, 18 km. The hotel staff is pleased to welcome you to the restaurateurs













The four star hotel of Jamshid Kermanshah, located in Tahk Bostan Khoshbar Blvd, opened in 2007 and was rebuilt to improve the quality of services in 1395. The hotel building is located in 2 floors and has 40 rooms with well-equipped rooms. The advantages of this complex are its location near the most spectacular historical attraction of Kermanshah, Taq Bostan and its lake, and easy access to other places of interest, including the Kermanshah, Khosro Parviz and Imam Zadeh Ebrahim hunting. Experienced personnel at Jamshid Hotel are trying to make a memorable stay with calm for the guests of the beautiful city of Kermanshah  


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