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IPD (International Patient Department)

The International Patient Unit (Health Tourism) is located in the Surgery Department and is ready to serve patients and patients in neighboring countries. This unit has been launched for these patients by using special facilities (VIP) for reception of foreign citizens and using all the facilities, medical and medical personnel. The specialized specialized services of the IPD unit of this center for foreign nationals in the field of specialized gynecological surgeries and infertility, as well as all paraclinical and clinical measures for these patients are ready to provide services.

Summary of IPD Unit Functions (Health Tourism)

* Welcome international patients when arriving at the hospital.

* Answering foreign patients, including telephone, email or in person.

* Supervise and supervise the affairs of foreign patients from admission to discharge.

* Assistance in the translation and communication of the International Patient with the medical and nursing staff.

* Co-ordination with the relevant medical practitioner in the shortest possible time.

* Assess the approximate cost of patient treatment and justify and notify the patient and his fellows.

* Record patient information in health tourism system.

The goal is to set up the IPD unit

* Providing high quality and satisfactory service to foreign patients

* Monitoring and coordinating the provision of services to foreign patients in the shortest possible time

* Full compliance with medical and therapeutic standards and observance of professional principles and rules

* Increasing the satisfaction of international patients and improving the quality of services

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