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Department of Infertility, Motazedi Hospital

The center offers a strong, specialized and specialized team of advanced fertility services to infertile couples. For the repair and equipping of the center, it has spent 10 billion rials and is now equipped with devices that have the chance of fertility in infertile couples. Increases several times. Following the infertile couples' visit, they begin their primary counseling session and, depending on the cause of infertility, couples are on the path to treatment

These services include infertility treatments such as IUI, which in this method are pre-spermed and centrifuged, then spermatozoa are injected into the uterus in the fuzzy phase that is prepared and initialized. Includes age The couples' status and their physiological status, as well as the response to ovulation induction, had a positive effect between 15% and 30%.

At IVF's Infertility Center, IVF or intrauterine insemination is also performed, in which the male and female sperm are taken and injected into the womb after fertilization in an external environment.

  Another part of the center's activity is the microinjection stage, in which the embryo is completely formed in the external environment. In this stage, the embryo is inoculated and the advantage of this stage is that the mother may have 10 to 20 fetuses and can choose gender among them.

The second advantage is that extra fetuses are freezing, that is, if an action was taken at this stage but no pregnancy occurred, or if the mother could not keep the fetus for any reason, it could use the fetus, With the cost of removing a fetus from the freeze and inoculation of the mother, the infertile couple can re-own the baby.

  This makes it much less expensive, and the mother's mind is sure that he has an embryo and can use it for the next time.

At this stage, with the consent of the families, the embryo requesting families receive the donated fetus by consensus with the couples who have been freeze embryos through legal procedures without hospital intervention.

The referring subjects included those who had either had high age or who had not been treated for any reason or who had taken too long. The success stories depend on the patient's referral time and depends on the initial cause of infertility.

  The launch of the facility is an effective factor in reducing the cost of infertility treatment, including the cost of traveling to major cities and the cost of staying there.

Given the fact that infertile couples should visit the center one day, vaginal ultrasound should be monitored continuously, depending on the ovulation situation, the establishment of the center in Kermanshah has been effective in reducing the cost of the couple's treatment. Infertile ones.

  The infertility treatment team of this center is a specialized and specialized team including Infertility Fellowship and Trained Physicians and Emergency Experts. Each of these people is one of the best in their field of work.

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