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Patient admission in section:
 hospital accept patients from centers and cities and other countries.please refer to the admission unit with the personal details of the patient.
The initial assessment of the patient is done by the general practitioner and the emergency department at the 24-hour period, and the completion of the history and examination forms and the initial training is done as soon as possible.

Neonatal section:

 15 active beds and patients with acute problems are admitted and supported by the neonatal section.
NICU: There are 10 active beds, and in this section, infants requiring special care at different treatment levels are admitted.

Emergency :
Emergency department of Motazadi Hospital  set on the ground floor of this hospital, which also has a station in this section, which is a nursing station located almost in the middle of the section.
This section has a quick and easy access entry that is ready at any moment to serve the clients.

These patients are immediately provided with a triage nurse . If the triage level 1 and 2 are determined for the patient, they will immediately be transferred to the CPR room, and with the prompt presence of the doctor, he will perform the specific therapeutic measures and determine the task.

If the level of triage 3, 4, and 5 is determined for the patient, the patient guides to physicians room,and the patient be visited by physician. 

 The triage nurse if injected The ampoule sent him to the emergency department and then received the necessary education about his illness and the educational pamphlet related to his illness was given to his or her family and they would be asked if, Any abnormal symptoms immediately take the patient to the emergency. 

Surgery Section:
The surgery section is located consists of 17 rooms, including an international patient room and it has a private bathroom and toilet .The nursing station is in the middle

In terms of welfare facilities for patients:

Each room is fitted with a television set  a refrigerator and a bedside table, and there is a private bathroom and toilet in the international patinet room .


The maternity ward of this center is located on the ground floor .


:Postpartum Section

The postpartum section is placed in the first is in the direction of the surgery section . This section includes 16 beds

surgery room:
The introduction of this part of the Observatory is located on the ground floor of the hospital and at the maternity. The unit has 4 operating and recovery rooms.



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