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Caesarean section

After a cesarean section, you may stay in the hospital for up to 48 hours and be closely monitored. You will be given pain relievers and you will most likely be encouraged to start walking short distances 24 hours after surgery. Walking can eliminate the accumulation of gas in the abdomen and prevent the risk of clot formation in the early hours of childbirth. Starting a walk is usually painful, but pain will decrease in the days after childbirth. After the first 24 hours, you may stay in the hospital for another day and leave your doctor after diagnosis of the doctor after taking the necessary care in the hospital after cesarean section surgery and go home with your child. The recovery period for mothers after cesarean section may take up to six weeks. During these weeks, you should try to help yourself and give some tips for taking care of your health after having a cesarean section at home. In this article you can get acquainted with your recovery from the first hour after cesarean section until the sixth week after cesarean section.

The first hour
You will be transferred to another section immediately after cesarean section surgery. You remain there, and hospital staff control things such as bleeding from the vagina and cesarean section, blood pressure, and body temperature. The fluids are transmitted to your body via an intravenous injection, and a catheter collects your urine in a bag that eliminates your need for lifting and sinking. At this time, you do not have a special feeling in the lower part of your body because of an operation's anesthetics and may be slightly restless and confused due to the injection of morphine to control the pain. If there are no complications, you will soon be able to hug your baby and give him milk.

first day
If there are no complications, after a few hours you will be taken to a room in the maternity ward, and your diet will consist of liquids of meat and juice until the doctor gives you the usual meals. You are encouraged on the same day if you can get out of bed. It's true that you had a major abdominal surgery just a few hours ago, but this activity will help you to improve.

second day
It is likely that the catheter will be removed from the bladder on the morning of the cesarean section. This means that you start walking at least for a walk in the bathroom and maybe a bit further away. For bleeding that may last up to a few weeks after delivery, it is better to use a sanitary napkin or larger hospital beds. This bleeding and discharge, which is quite natural, is called nasas and is a combination of remaining blood, mucus and tissue of the womb. After removing the intravenous serum, you will be asked about pain and, if necessary, prescribed medication.

You are also asked about having bloating and wind stomach, which is an important point after surgery. You are likely to start eating food after this time. After going home, you can probably get a bath, but it's best to ask your doctor about bath time. The first postpartum care takes place between the first to third days after delivery. So you need to go to a hospital or health center on the third day after delivery. It is also much better if you ask your doctor about your next visit.


First week
Women who have cesarean delivery usually stay in the hospital for two days and are likely to be discharged on the third day and give you advice on caring for a surgical site. The sutures are either spontaneously drawn or absorbed, or sometimes you need to drag out, which the physician will tell you when it will be. It is necessary to keep the wound clean and do not touch it to improve and prevent the wound healing of the cesarean section. You will also be advised not to lift anything heavier than your child and to avoid having sexual intercourse with the doctor after giving birth to a tampon and vaginal shower. In general, to prevent some postpartum infections, do not place anything in the vagina for several weeks. Other prohibited items include driving and climbing stairs, so if your house is stairs, it's best to go up the stairs and do as much as possible to help improve the wound of the cesarean section.


The second week
From the 10th to the 15th day after delivery, you will need to go to a doctor for the next examinations at the second appointment with your doctor after the first care after discharge on the third day and check the condition of the surgical wound. But if you see signs such as redness, swelling and secretion from the cut area, or a fever above 38 degrees, and an increase in pain in the suture region that is a sign of infection, contact your doctor before this time and inform them. Also have any other concerns. Ask your doctor if you have any questions about limiting your healing activities, and if you had a large abdominal surgery just two weeks ago, but Usually, you have to feel a lot better and be on the path to improvement.

Fourth week
At this point, you are moving faster and more easily. You can walk longer and you will notice that your discharge is decreasing. But do not raise your expectations too high. Do not compare your recovery with others because each woman's improvement is different from one another, and this comparison may disappoint those who have a longer-term recovery process. Listen to your body and reduce your activity if you feel pain. If you feel tired, rest as much as you can and do not mind taking medication prescribed by your doctor. Also, between days 30 and 42 after cesarean section, you need to see your doctor again for a third appointment and delivery.

Sixth week
Complete improvement of a non-complicated cesarean can range from four to six weeks. The better you have a healthier body before surgery, the faster you get better. If you have sutured, many of them have been restored to this week, your womb is as normal as you can and you can have sex. If something crashes instead of cutting, you may still feel pain, but in most cases, the wound has completely recovered this time and you can re-start all your daily activities.

At this center, the duration of admission is about 3 days

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