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Center for sleep disorders in Farabi Hospital



This center consisted of neurology and psychiatry parts as well as multiple Paraclinical units that the unit for Sleep Disorders Clinic currently has the official license to provide the services to the international patients.


Research unit and sleep clinic

The research center for sleep disorders is one of the few centers equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment concerning the sleep disorders located in the Farabi hospital at western part of the country in Kermanshah. This center is provided with modern equipment  including Poly SomnoGraphy and actigraphy in order to diagnose and evaluate various types of sleep disorders. Individuals with disorders including Insomnia, oversleeping, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, or with movement disorders during sleep, circadian rhythm disorders in awakening dream, seizures during sleep, Somnambulism, sleep terror disorder, nightmares can be referred to this center for accurate diagnostic evaluation and treatment.

  Responsive 24 Hours               AyoubFereydiTel – + 0989189965018    

Fax - +988338264163

Address: Farabi Medical education center, Dolat-Abad Boulevard, Isar Square, Kermanshah, Iran.

Working Hours: 8:00 to 14:00 for Administrative and support unitsof sleep clinic except for holidays

If you are accepted in the Sleep Clinic, you should be attended at 22:30 in Sleep Clinic







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