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Mission & Vision Statements

Our Mission

The Faculty aims to offer educational and research services in the province and country by collaborating with competent and experienced professors and by developing educational departments, specialized laboratories, and research centers qualitatively and quantitatively as well as improving educational and research procedures. In addition to training competent students to provide for the workforce in the field of health, it has made major strides forward in identifying and finding fundamental solutions to health problems in the province.

Our Vision

The Faculty sees itself as the most prestigious education and research center in the field of health in west part of Iran and aims to attain a prominent status among education and research centers domestically and abroad within next five years.

The Faculty was founded in 1997. Its activities include:

  • Improving the quality of education
  • Promoting new applied research
  • Safeguarding ethics in research and publishing scientific papers
  • Evaluating and assessing the education process regularly
  • Providing the prerequisites for more foreign students
  • Offering virtual and distance learning programs
  • Standardizing and optimizing the existing site and facilities
  • Attaining widespread recognition at regional level
  • Improving the status of the Faculty’s scientific journals



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