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Manager of Education Developing Center (EDC):dr babak Ezadi

The Educational Development Centre (EDC) not only aims to promote the teaching quality of both theoretical and applied sciences, but it is also concerned with specialized competencies and qualifications of staff and course content. Naturally, the advent and development of the teaching - learning processes are primarily geared toward the educational needs of the target community rather than technological advancements or institutional policies. The EDC has different units includes Evaluation, Educational Programming, Research in Education, Media and Publications, Faculty Growth and Development, Responsive Education, Leadership and Governance. DC is the powerful and dynamic center of education; the different committees in EDC promote the major education projects. The academic members who are expert in medical education following the details of educational programs, which include theoretical and practical classes, laboratory and education fields, clinical and hospital education.  


Activities and Duties:

·        Curriculum planning

·        Educational skills Development

·        Educational evaluation

·        Educational economy & policy

·        Research in education

·        Continuing Education

·        Education Evaluation

·        Improving the ability of university professors

·        Educational surveillance

·        Research in educational fields

·        Improving the quality and quantity of permanent educational programs


Manager of Education Developing Center (EDC)


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