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Professor Habibollah Khazaei

Professor Habibollah khazaei is a university  Education Vice-Chancellor

Specialist in Sleep Disorders and Polysomnography
Vice Chancellor for Education

Vice Chancellor for Education, in Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, is responsible for implementation, controlling and improving the quality of education and communicating with other universities and observes, leads and controls the educational system toward the University main goals.

This division is also responsible for organizing and directing educational affairs of the university at the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, fellowship, specialty and sub-specialty level.

Vice Chancellor for Education promotes, support, and complement the academic mission of the institution by working collaboratively with students, faculty members and staff to create and extend student services and student learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom.


The commissioned duties are enforced through the following subordinates Directorates:

  • Directorates for Educational Affairs, which renders educational administrative services to students of postgraduate levels.
  • Educational Development Center, which masterminds the planning of the university’s educational programs and tries to promote the quality of education through critical developmental projects, faculty development initiatives, as well as evaluation of the faculty and the delivered courses.
  • Continuous Medical Education Office, which plans and coordinate CME activities and evaluates them. The vice Chancellor Education is also in charge of many administrative and academic affairs pertinent to the faculty members. This includes but is not limited to faculty promotion, tenure and hiring and allocating new academic staff.

All the above-mentioned responsibilities are aligned with KUMS long- term plan and are accomplished in collaboration with associated departments, faculties and institutions. 

Naturally, the advent and development of the teaching- learning processes are primarily geared with the educational needs of the target community rather than technological advancements or institutional policies.

These critical issues, however, cannot be completely neglected. This center has proved competent in updating health providers’ education and has plays an important role in more appropriate and rational utilization of resources


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