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Surgical Ward 3 (Men's Surgery)


Surgical ward 3 is located on the seventh floor on the left side.

Scope of Function:

  1. Elective patients are queued, admitted and referred to this ward and are hospitalized after a pre-anesthesia visit and undergoing the necessary tests and images.
  2. .         A night prior to surgery, required preparation for surgery (such as shaving, enema, IV Line, etc.) are done; On the day of surgery patients are transferred to operating rooms in gowns and trousers with ID bracelet and their documents.
  3. After surgery, a patient returns to the ward and is discharged by a physician after a few days of hospitalization and continued treatment.
  4. Upon discharge, the patient is given a prescription, a summary of his record, and instructions.
  5. Emergency patients are transferred from the emergency department to this ward to receive therapeutic care.
  6. Referring patients from other departments such as ICU is done through the same procedure. Sometimes, patients may be transferred to other centers, which is coordinated by a supervisor.

The range of inpatient and outpatient referrals:

Patients undergoing different kinds of surgeries such as general surgery, cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, appendectomy, hemorrhoidectomy, pilonidal sinus surgery, umbilical hernia, varicose veins, permcath, AVF, thyroidectomy, thoracotomy, gastrectomy, splenectomy, cholecystectomy, laparoscopy, and inguinal hernia are admitted to this ward.


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