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Radiation Therapy Department (Radiotherapy)


Radiotherapy Department is located on the first floor, at the left side of the General ICU 2, and is constructed to cure cancer patients. This department consists of a doctors' office, a treatment planning room, a physics room, a molding room and a treatment room.

The range of inpatient and outpatient referrals:

Patients who refer to radiotherapy department are cancer patients who have prescriptions for radiotherapy as a part of their treatment protocol. Radiotherapy can be performed pre-operative, post-operative or as a primary treatment.

There are a number of factors that determine a patient’s need for radiotherapy. Some of these factors are patients' general health status, type of tumor, use of chemotherapy regimens, Hemoglobin level and platelets counts. 

Radiotherapy is performed 5 times a week and takes 5 to 20 minute. The patient leaves the treatment room after receiving the radiation. 


Linear accelerator is a radiotherapy equipment utilized to cure patients. Head Rest is a patient positioning device used in this department. Cutter block is a device in the molding room and molds foams for lead planning. The lead planning device is used to melt Cerrobend frames and to make electron and photon shields. A bain-marie is used to soften thermoplastic masks. Wax and Cerrobend are used in this room as well.

A treatment planning software is a key tool in physic and planning treatment. A physicist and a physician design and plan a patient's treatment by means of this software and the patient's CT-scan result which was taken in the first session.

Scope of Functions:

Radiotherapy is offered for both inpatients and outpatients. Cancer patients refer to this department to receive definitive treatment or palliative cure. Radiotherapy may be used post-operative to remove remaining cancerous cells, pre-operative to shrink the size of the tumor or it may be used alone without surgery. Radiotherapy may be performed in conjunction with chemotherapy.

All patients in the Oncology Department, either inpatients or outpatients, refer to this Department to receive a preplanned treatment.


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