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Admission Procedure

If required, patient is advised for admission in the hospital.Patients must complete the admission procedure before proceeding to the ward:

Non-emergency patients:

  1. Please contact your physician or surgeon to obtain the authorization prior to your hospitalization.
  2. The admission desk in the third floor will make a reservation according to the class of admission.
  3. After setting an operation appointment and receiving information forms and required documents, the reservation procedure is completed.
  4. The non-emergency patients are hospitalized on the exact appointment date and the below steps will be taken.
  5. Filling out and returning the information form to the related desk.
  6. Submitting patient's identity in the admission form by admission officer.
  7. In the case of any bed vacancy, the admission officer will collect and enter patient’sidentity and insurance information in the information management system of the Hospital and accordingly the deposit receipt will be issued.
  8. Having settled the hospital deposit and preparing two photocopies of your insurance card, you are required to refer to the admission desk again.
  9. After receiving the documents and deposit receipt, the receptionist submits the deposit amount in to the financial management system of hospital and prints the admission and discharge forms. Then s/he receives the patient’s hospitalization consent and collects all patient’s documents and forms in a unitary file.
  10. The receptionist will give the identification wristband to the patient.
  11. Finally, the receptionist guides the patients in surgical wards to the Anesthesiology Clinic.
  12. If there are no empty beds, the surgery schedule will be postponed.

Emergency patients:

  1. Authorized emergency patients are required to refer to the admission desk located on the third floor.
  2. Emergency patients are not required to pay deposit, rather they will be admitted immediately.
  3. Patient’s hospitalization consent and required documents will be obtained.
  4. Admission officer will give the identification wristband and hospitalization file to the patient.



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