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Delivery Department (Maternity)


This Department is located on the fifth floor between the eastern and western sides and includes Labor, Delivery, and Postpartum wards.

Labor and Delivery ward: It has an examination room with a bed and a gynecological bed, an isolation room, 3 pain rooms (8 beds,) and 2 delivery rooms (2 beds).

Delivery and Postpartum Wards: They have 3 rooms (8 active beds) that are ready to serve pregnant women around the clock.

The range of inpatient and outpatient referrals:

Women with high-risk pregnancy including eclampsia, premature birth, bleeding (the first, second and third quarter), heart diseases, asthma, diabetes, or HBS Ag or HIV-positive mothers, addicted mothers, mothers in the labor and delivery ward for normal vaginal delivery, physiological childbirth, painless childbirth, cesarean section, and abortion (curettage and hysterectomy) are admitted to this department. Women with high-risk pregnancy who have entered the active phase of labor are hospitalized in this department and are transferred to women's surgical ward or intensive care units after delivery or getting stable.

Some women are hospitalized in the postpartum ward after normal vaginal delivery. Mother and the newborn are discharged after 24 hours and a full recovery.

Scope of functions:

Pregnant women are admitted to this department from the hospital emergency, clinic, other departments. Some patients are transferred from other centers for delivery or termination of pregnancy.

Normal vaginal delivery, curettage and hysterectomy are performed in this department. High-risk pregnant women are observed and treated here.

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